Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flat Buzz But Great Reviews

I thought 'Pacific Rim' was a great idea. Giant robots fighting monsters from the other side of the universe -- had never been done, sounded like fun. Then, I heard about the whole 'drift' thing and the way it takes two psychically bonded pilots to control the Jaegers. Something about that seemed off -- fresh, new, but a bit too complex and subtle an idea for a summer popcorn movie. I had my doubts. Buzz flattened and I think it's because of the drift concept. People weren't interested in such an involved idea. It came off too touchy-feely.

Things were looking grim for 'Pacific Rim'. At one point they were forecasting a $30m opening weekend.

At the same time, though, footage was some of the best I've seen. That, plus the fact that the monster design is, how to say this?...innovative, scary, while maintaining an organic realism that makes your jaw drop. The monsters looked awesome. The robots were good, but sort of same ole same ole, but the monsters rocked. I was looking forward to seeing 'Pacific Rim' again.

Even if PR doesn't do well in the US, I'm thinking it will rake overseas. The European and Asian markets love stuff like drifting. They live for touchy-feely. Makes us squeamish, they eat it up. And, robots fighting monsters plays huge, especially in China and Japan.

Reviews are rolling in and they're over the top. These guys loved the movie. They're totally wowed by the monsters and fight sequences. Hopefully, buzz will pick up and PR will do some (domestic) business. There's still time. It could happen.


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