Wednesday, July 03, 2013

'Pacific Rim' Delivers Its Best Trailer Yet But I'm Still Not Sure. So Not Sure

There's just something off about 'Pacific Rim'. Perhaps that's because the plot has such a fresh twist, however that wouldn't explain the odd feeling I get watching trailers. This latest is no exception. It's put together well -- the best, most compelling one yet to be sure -- but watching it I'm...confused. It's like a deep philosophical exploration jammed together with a robot movie and, somehow, that leaves me wondering.

I hope the flick scores. Surely, we could use an injection of intellect during the summer months. (See what I mean? I'm talking about a robots-vs-monsters-from-another-dimension movie and use turns of phrase like 'injection of intellect'. That's weird).

As I was saying, yes, I'd like to see smarter popcorn CGI crash-bang summer movies. We get so much glimmering fluff every year... However there's something about the conceit of melding your mind with another pilot in order to control a giant robot and the inherent implications regarding identity, surrender of personal freedoms and privacy to keep society free, and general mental/emotional mumbo-jumbo in 'Pacific Rim' that gives me pause.

That said, I freaking love the monsters. Wow, they did a good job with those. Can't wait. I might have to turn the sound off whenever there's dialogue to avoid existential brain-freeze, but -- can't wait.


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