Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Man of Steel' vs 'The Lone Ranger'

To me, there doesn't seem to be that much interest in Superman, sorry, the Man of Steel, as he's now known. But, really, there's even less interest in the Lone Ranger. How could there not be? One rides a horse in the old west (wake up) the other wears a red cape and flies through the air (stop laughing). Well, one is more off putting than the other that's for sure.

But now, with both trailers rolling out yesterday, we have some hard numbers. First, here's the YouTube page for a search for "Man of Steel trailer" filtered for 'this week'.

As you can see the trailer scored over 5 million view in one day. Not great, but not bad.

Here's the search page for "Lone Ranger" also filtered for 'this week'.

Yeah, those are the top results. Added up they don't even hit 250,000. Have to say, 'Man of Steel' isn't looking like a huge hit but 'The Lone Ranger' could end up being a write off for Disney. Where have we heard that turn of phrase before?


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