Monday, December 17, 2012

Another 'Dark' Movie

We know there's a move away from sappy action. Hollywood wants to, needs to, avoid anything that even hints at swashbuckling. Hence the new brand of 'Dark' movies. Batman, sorry the Dark Knight, is brooding. 'Darkman' beat the trend back in 1990. The new scowly Thor in 'The Dark World' is around the corner (I hear he won't have blond hair since that's too cheery).

And, now we have 'Start Trek: Into Darkness'.

When 'Dark' becomes overdone what will they switch to? Something more to the point? 'Foreboding'? 'Ominous'? 'Batman: The Ominous'? Perhaps the desperate, 'Very Serious, Not Popcorn-y'? 'The Amazing And Not Corny Spider-Man! Who Doesn't Take Anything Lightly And Doesn't Have A Trivial Bone In His Body'. Yes. I'm sure we're in for some convoluted titles.

Trailer looks pretty good. I could watch this.


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