Friday, December 21, 2012

French Trailer for 'To The Wonder'

Even more perfume commercial-y than the US version which I thought came off as a bit of an affectation. Of course, saying that is redundant, yes? That's Malick's style. That's what he does. It's not affectation, it's the way he shoots movies.

As is, judging from the trailers, if you liked 'Tree of Life' 'To The Wonder' will be a pleasure. If you didn't, it looks like this movie has more of what you didn't like about the other movie and it's even more well done. So, it's either more likable or more not likable, depending.

But really, admit it, if you didn't know it was a trailer for a feature film would you be surprised if an insert shot of a bottle of perfume appeared at the end?

'To The Wonder' perfume...available at finer stores everywhere.


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