Tuesday, December 11, 2012

He Doesn't Look Dumb

My problem with Superman is how dumb he looks. That getup was hokey in the 50s and it's gotten worse every decade since. However, Henry Cavill not only doesn't look dumb in that cape and suit, he looks...good. It works, even seems contemporary.

The story hints at a depth not seen from this property before. When the young Clark Kent asks his father (Kevin Costner -- good to see again) whether he should have let a bus full of kids 'just die' instead of saving them in order to keep his identity secret, Costner answers, "Maybe." Not the simplistic tone we've gotten before.

And the people involved. David Goyer writing, Zack Snyder directing certainly has a visual flair. The cast is impressive -- Amy Adams, Diane Lane (wow), Michael Shannon (the new go-to guy for intensity), Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne (give me a second). Did I mention the cast was impressive?

Also, the name 'Superman' doesn't appear in the title (and, thankfully, neither does the word 'Dark'). There's even a real sense of operatic dread from the antagonist. A breath of fresh air considering Superman usually faces a MUAHAHA!! bad guy bent on taking over the world -- please.

Snyder and his crew have to bring it just to keep from embarrassing themselves because, really, nobody cares about the S-Man anymore. If they manage to do that it will be pretty good. If they manage to get audiences involved it will be a real achievement.

So, yes, the intent shows and this could be, might be, a successful reboot. I would never have even thought it possible. I laughed when I heard it was going to happen. But, gotta admit, it looks like they may have gotten it right.

The voice over asks whether the world is ready for Superman (to continue in movies?). We'll find out.


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