Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Story Behind 'The Sessions'

Photo by Liz Hafalia/SF Chronicle

This from the SF Chronicle write-up of January 10, 2011 about sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Greene (pictured, who is played by Helen Hunt in 'The Sessions') about her work with Mark O'Brien:
  • "He told me nobody had ever touched him other than to bathe him, dress him or do a medical procedure. He said that he felt like he was on the outside of a fine restaurant, looking in the window. Everybody in there is having a feast, but he'll never be able to taste that food."
Here's an interview with Hunt from TIFF.

A poem by O'Brien.

The pay is lousy,
no vacations or sick leave,
and the compliments …
You’d rather do without them.

On the plus side, you’re exempt from military service,
get to watch lots of TV
and pay half price at the movies.

They’re out there, my public, dying to ask me what happened to you,
wondering how I pee
and using me as proof

that God is just
and punishes only the wicked.


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