Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good (Whatever That Means Anymore) And A Bit Tedious

Another Paranormal? #4? Okay (deep breath). Still, the quality is there, however what is 'the quality' anymore? First thing I notice is how you start to wonder just how there's a camera everywhere.

I know -- they build it into the plot. Security cams, laptop cams, phone cams, eyeglasses cams, you name it. Cameras everywhere. But, that doesn't explain all the footage, or feels like it doesn't (which is just as bad). And, even if it's plausible that a camera could capture such goings on I still find myself thinking, 'Really? That was caught on video? That. That's going on and someone's running around (or running for their life) capturing every moment on video?'

Shot after shot I'm taken out of the moment, which has to be a bad sign. The conceit beats you over the head. (And, yes, I have footage to prove it. It's kinda shaky but you can make out what's going on).

So...this trailer. Good, but very been there. Nice, but so what. Production value is good but, considering it's supposed to be 'regular everyday nothing special', how good could the production value be?

And, what ever happened to going to the movies to see dressed up, made up actors in far away lands and exotic locations? How long can we pay to see grainy shaky video of the inside of someone's house? It's someone's damned house. We leave the house to go to the movies to see a technically lousy flick about what goes on inside someone's house.

Look -- I got a ghost in my house. Scary! Gimme ten bucks and you can take a tour.

You gotta figure the found-footage thing is running out of steam. Perhaps by some miracle this flick will do such poor business we won't get another. Thing is, with rock-bottom production costs, and no-name casts, it would have to do horrible business. The movie could make six figures and still be profitable. However, it won't make six figures, it'll make eight or nine figures. Hell, maybe even ten.

It would seem we're stuck in the found-footage cycle. And, the cruel irony? We can only blame ourselves.


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