Friday, March 02, 2012

Poster and Photo from 'It Grows'

Described as "Alien meets The Thing meets Little Shop of Horrors meets The Blob"

This from Undead Backbrain's coverage:

The project came about [Nick explained] when Ryan Cauchi was directing my movie show See You Next Wednesday on TVS. He’s a talented young guy with a passion for film making and we talked about collaborating on some small movie, possibly for Tropfest. 

We determined it had to be small and not too complex so we could actually have a chance of completing it. These projects notoriously fall in a heap, and it’s a huge investment of time — something I have little enough of as is. It had to be something that could be shot around my tumble-down terrace house; that used what we had at hand, and also took advantage of my ‘old school’ special effects approach. We both love puppets and models and a non-digital look. We’re shooting on a Canon 550D digital SLR camera, and the look is incredibly good.

There's something here. Might score at the box office (if it gets to theaters) but has a fair shot at becoming a cult fave.


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