Monday, March 19, 2012

Rooney Mara shot by David Fincher on the RED Camera

That digital cameras are the instrument of the future can't be argued. For digital work, the RED is currently the camera of choice in Hollywood. It's been used to shoot, at least in part, The Hobbit, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus, and others.

Systems by Canon are very popular, especially when the budget is low. The Canon 5D Mark II (and a couple other models like the 7D) have been used for Act of Valor, Like Crazy to keep costs down, but the rig is also used when there's very little room and larger cameras won't do. Canons have also used in big budget movies like Captain America and Iron Man. Canon has introduced its first digital camera specifically designed for capturing movies, the C300.

However, new images of Rooney Mara by David Fincher puts the RED system in the spotlight today.

Here's a crop:

Film simply can't do this. The level of resolution and dynamic range can't be captured on emulsion, especially in light like this, even if you work with large format.


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