Thursday, March 29, 2012

'The Three Stooges' (aka 'The Sequel to No Country for Old Men') in a Nutshell

Really. If you watch this can there be a reason to watch the entire movie. What would that reason be?

1: The trailers have been so enticing and well-crafted you just gotta find out how the plot plays out. Just gotta! Duh!

2: You have 90 minutes to kill and have already seen every single other movie currently in release

3: You have confused the Farelly brothers with the Coen brothers and believe this is the sequel to 'No Country for Old Men'

4: You are related to one of the actors who originally portrayed the Stooges and have to watch the movie because the family reunion is right around the corner

5: You just dropped acid

6: You have no taste or discretion whatsoever

Otherwise, here is the a nutshell.


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