Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harvey Weinstein Scores Another Pass for 'Bully' -- Kids can get in with a Note From Their Parents

Harvey Weinstein's marketing virtuosity is on full display with 'Bully'. Now, comes the announcement some theaters will allow kids under 17 to see 'Bully' without being accompanied by an adult.

This is doubly noteworthy as TWC will release 'Bully' as an unrated film, which theaters treat as if the movie carried an NC-17 rating, which means no one under 17 is allowed with or without an (accompanying) adult.

From Variety:

Theater chains are taking sides in the "Bully"-rating showdown: Second-largest exhib AMC will allow minors into theaters with parental permission, while No. 3 chain Cinemark says it won't show the unrated pic unless the Weinstein Co. submits an R-rated version. 

AMC is essentially treating "Bully" as an R-rated film, but with one key difference: Under-17 moviegoers need a written note, though it will also accept verbal permission (mom on the other end of a teen's cell phone, for example). Exhib also will provide permission slips on its web site and at the box office.

It'll be interesting to see who blinks re: the Cinemark dictate. Right now, though, the MPAA looks like chumps.

Weinstein is a maestro.


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