Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Charmless Clips from 'Mirror Mirror'

Clips are rolling out and they don't sell the picture well.

This one flows okay, but cuts are pretty tight. It's done in a contemporary style you'd expect from a crime flick or a sci-fi action sequence, not a movie for children taken from a classic source.

Edits are even tighter in the next clip, when it should play smoother and slower, considering the amount of information being conveyed. This is difficult for even an adult to follow. Kids would glaze over.

Too brassy. Deals with mature emotions but delivery is so choppy it's dismissive making the scene trite at best. Comes off insincere, so who cares, who can invest in these cardboard characters. In the end the scene is about silly hats, which is okay, but I'm not getting a sense of the charm needed to make even that shtick play.

These scenes can't easily be followed by kids. Assuming the whole movie plays this way, it would be a chore for adults, worse for kids.

Opening should be light. Word of mouth will kill this -- think: Parents telling their friends how bad their kids reacted and how they complained the whole way home, then spent the evening pouting, expecting some kind of reward for having suffered through 'Mirror Mirror'.

Look for the DVD in the $2 bargain bin at the supermarket checkout. Don't buy it, just look -- it has no value as a babysitter (it'll make babies cry, and kids that can will walk out).


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