Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Trailer for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

Just when you think you have a movie pegged they roll out a trailer with a whole different vibe that zigs when you expected it to zag.

So far, trailers for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' have had that wacky sex comedy thing going on and it was working just fine. The movie looked like it was for the average everyday person and pivoted on crude jokes and predictable skits spiked with appropriate raunchiness, one-liners, slapstick-y physical gags, and had a fun kinda dirty pop/dance sorta 80s soundtrack. It seemed to be another Steve Carell summer popcorn vehicle that happened to include indie regulars Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei for depth and credibility (along with the very solid and very indie Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone). And, icing on the cake, Kevin Bacon.

I was fine with that. The movie looked funny, easy to digest, and we can always use one of those.

In this new trailer, though, the movie plays like a smart observant indie with slow-burn comedic flare and subtly drawn characters that negotiate slice of life situations without missing a beat, and heartfelt performances that aren't out for crude laughs but keep you giggling at bits that feel real and have that 'Oh, yeah, I've been there' feel, featuring an introspective alternative soft-rock soundtrack that you're a little embarrassed to admit you really like. Here, Carell isn't the star carrying the movie but part of an ensemble. Moore, Tomei, Stone, and Gosling (and, icing on the cake, Kevin Bacon) aren't guests in a big summer comedy but at home in a cozy quirky intelligent dramedy (albeit one laced with raunchiness) about love, sex, marriage, and family. It's as funny as the first trailer and, if anything, more appealing.

Which would I rather see? Seems I can have both. I'm there.


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