Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Generic Boring Poster for 'Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy'

Wow, that's boring. So boring! Is 'ultra-conventional' a word? If not, I'm inventing it to describe this poster.

Not sure what the point is after the poster (complete with hidden word-search references) that came out a few days ago featuring Gary Oldman's image comprised totally of code. Everyone was talking about it, almost everyone liked it. Along with a sizzling teaser trailer, the TTSS campaign was off to a running start with a solid one-two punch.

This new one sheet, though... Just stops you -- and, not in that good 'whoa, look at that!' way. This piece is a study in staid graphics. And, what's with poor Colin Firth jammed in the lower left corner like that? Did they run out of room?

Plus, isn't this design too contemporary for this story? Isn't this the standard-issue one sheet for ensemble dramedies and rom-coms set today with actors in their own little boxes? You know the ones:

How is that right for a spy movie set in the 1970s? How? Tell me.

You know what they should do... A series of posters in the same style as the one for Oldman (below). You know? I can just see it. Colin Firth, John Hurt, and Tom Hardy each with their visage made completely out of code! That would be very cool. People would love those. They would! Don't you think? That would be so much more...spy-y. It would be thematic, grab everyone's attention, do a slow burn build-up of anticipation, and not make the movie look like a silly-ass ensemble rom-com featuring four old guys. It's a win-win!

Could somebody please get on that? Now that we've all been lulled to sleep by the crazy-boring new poster. Please. Somebody?


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