Friday, January 28, 2011

'The Rite'

Here's Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite'. Does anybody want to see Christspoiltation movies anymore?

Ian Buckwalter is not too impressed:

Hafstrom's direction seems stuck in neutral throughout, though. He lets Hopkins run roughshod over nearly every scene he's in, but fails to provoke the largely affectless O'Donoghue into any display of emotion at all. And he shoots Rome in sense-dulling grays and browns, presumably hoping to induce a vague dread and heighten the impact of the precious few gotcha-style scares. (A handful of his ludicrous images fall well short of their intended menace.)

I'm sure the movie is all stilted posturing and syrupy stock creepshow music, but, funny thing is, I'm thinking this will do really good business.

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