Friday, January 28, 2011

'The Mechanic' Franchise

Mark Jenkins reviews Jason Statham in 'The Mechanic', which seems to contain a spoiler:

Nominally, The Mechanic is a remake of a 1972 Charles Bronson picture. But the movie is crisp and contemporary enough to inaugurate another franchise for Statham, who has starred in three Transporter movies, among many other showcases for his hard physique and harder demeanor.

Tsk tsk Mark, you've tipped your hand.

In the original, Bishop (played by Charles Bronson), is killed by Steve McKenna (Jan-Michael Vincent). If Statham's Arthur Bishop survives this time around, it would keep the door open for a 'Mechanic' sequel(s), which I think will happen and look forward to.

Just what I suspected after seeing the first trailer.

Due credit where deserved, though. Jenkins did say 'nominally' it's a remake. But, still, letting on that Statham as Bishop survives in this movie is not cool. Makes one wonder: has Jenkins seen the 1972 film, and is he aware Bishop is killed in the end of that movie, or, does he simply not care about such details.

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