Friday, December 10, 2010

The Skinny on Christian Bale

Just who is that guy with Mark Wahlberg? Christian Bale can get really skinny role to role. I was shocked and a bit worried by his appearance in 'The Machinist' -- expected the guy to keel over any second. Same for 'Rescue Dawn', which I mentioned back in 07.

In 'The Fighter' he plays a person who enjoys smoking crack and, as is usual for aficionados of the drug, is quite thin. Well, emaciated is probably the more correct description for the particular look Bale has here. Compare his countenance (in picture above, Bale is the guy on the left) from 'The Dark Knight':

Barely recognizable as the same guy. At The Atlantic, Benjamin Mercer takes a look at Bale's many looks and his role in 'The Fighter':

The gritty-inspirational sports bio The Fighter opens in limited release today, hoping to get some fans in its corner before it expands to theaters nationwide on the 17th. The film, directed by David O. Russell (Three Kings), has long been a passion project for its star, Mark Wahlberg, but most of the advance buzz centers on supporting turns by Melissa Leo and Christian Bale. It makes particular sense that Bale would earn a statue for playing Dickie Eklund, a former welterweight whose crack addiction has compromised his status as the Pride of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Bale pulled off the most alarming physical transformation of his career, a feature-length exposed-rib demonstration, for 2004's The Machinist

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