Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'The Fiction'

I love this poster. Looks very much like the cover of a novel, which is the intent. Here's the rundown from IMDb:

In the midst of creating his newest masterpiece, Werther Oaks, an established author, develops writer's block. His current novel is at a dead end. Driving himself into a thick depression, Werther begins having hallucinations. Is he losing his mind, or is his mind simply telling the story?

Ooh, creepy!  Ooh!

The whole 'stuff from a writer's novel come to life/starts to happen in real life' genre -- usually a gambit from wannabe (screen)writers. There are hundreds of these written every year. Luckily, we don't hear about the vast majority of them. Most collect dust and are discussed ad nauseam on screenwriting/fiction sites.

Writer/director Daniel Dileo is a first-timer, to be sure, but not necessarily a newbie (not that that, necessarily, would be a bad thing) to be sure.

'The Fiction' may rise above. Certainly, with so many writers trying for the same story, year after year, somebody has to hit the nail on the head sooner or later. That the effort is said writer's first published/produced credit can't be held against him/her. Of course, if the movie is a turkey, the fact that it's Dileo's first effort will certainly be cited as the reason. But, on the flip side, if it's even half-decent, he'll be tagged as a director/writer to watch for, especially as 'The Fiction' is his first outing.

Anyway, back to the poster. The tracks leading to/from the swing set -- very eerie. Love all the negative space in the middle. I'm sure that's where the story lives -- between the lines, as it were. Lighting from the right side gives an unnatural feel -- nice. Love the title, too. The old typeset look is perhaps overdone. That's one seriously out of whack typewriter.

You'll excuse me, but I think this blog post may be coming to life, or, rather, be taking on a life of its own. Am I losing my mind? Wait! that gives me an idea for a novel/movie! 'The Blogger'. 'The Blog'. I'll get back to you.

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Jeff said...

did some searching and found a review:


Seems Dileo pulled this off. Review hints a deeper story than just writer's block. Color me intrigued. Ivan review this thing!

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