Monday, December 27, 2010

The Black List

NPR on 'The Black List' of best unproduced screenplays:

RAZ: Let's talk about some of the films that made the list this year, and I want to start by asking about this one. This is my personal favorite. Do we need to bleep this out? We'll call it "Romancing Jane Austen." It's really the F-word there, instead of the R-word that I just used.

This seems like a Bill & Ted's-style adventure of two guys who go back in time, and they have to convince Jane Austen to have relations with one of them. Can you tell me the story?

Mr. LEONARD: It's the story of several young men, frustrated by the unreasonable expectations that Jane Austen's novels have created in modern romance, find themselves back in time, and the only way to return to their modern day is by seducing Jane Austen.

NPR audio 5:08

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