Thursday, June 20, 2013

'The Spectacular Now' -- Possibly A Fresh Take

Yeah, I'll give 'The Spectacular Now' a spin. Though the trailer plays been-there-done-that, there's a rare freshness in the portrayals that gets my attention, can't be ignored.

Director James Ponsoldt's 'Smashed' won praise for Mary Elizabeth Winstead's performance. An earlier effort, 'Off The Black', with Nick Nolte and Trevor Morgan, got mixed but fairly positive reviews. I didn't catch either movie but remember being impressed by trailers.

Ponsoldt has a way with actors. He's the kind of guy that can take (or write) a character-driven script, shoot it for next to nothing, and turn in an entertaining movie that critics and audiences get behind. He's one to watch.

'The Spectacular Now' is getting great reviews.


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