Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Trailer for 'Elysium' aka 'District 10'

The Neill Blomkamp stamp is apparent. In fact, 'Elysium' is almost a sequel to 'District 9'. You could just as easily call it 'District 10'.

A few parallels:

1) 'District 9' had poor and oppressed people (well, aliens) and is about class separation -- 'Elysium' has poor and oppressed people and is about class separation.

2) 'District 9' had a large spaceship that hovers above a city that nobody can get into -- 'Elysium' has a large spaceship that hovers above the Earth that very few can get into.

3) In 'District 9' the good guy is a smart mouth and kind of dumb, but likeable -- In 'Elysium' the good guy is a smarty pants and sort of stupid, but charming.

4) 'District 9' had a protagonist who was accidentally infected with an alien technology (in other words, he got a medical condition) and given a short time before he turned into a monster -- 'Elysium' has a protagonist who is accidentally irradiated (in other words, he gets a medical condition) and has a short time before he dies.

5) In 'District 9' the protag sets out on a quest to save the aliens as he slowly changes into a strange creature -- In 'Elysium' the protag sets out to save a couple people and/or everyone else after being changed into a strange creature.

6) 'District 9' had robots -- 'Elysium' has robots.

7) 'District 9' had dusty (yet sunny) slums -- 'Elysium' has dusty (yet sunny) slums.

8) 'District 9' had kind of a twisty ending. 'Elysium' has kind of a twisty ending. (Okay, I don't know that, but you can bet it will. I mean, this trailer sets up a twisty ending. Anybody can see that coming).

Here's the new trailer for 'District 10'...I mean 'Elysium'. It's the trailer for 'Elysium'. Really.


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