Thursday, June 27, 2013

Non-Escapist Trailer for 'Escape Plan'

I thought it was a cool idea but this trailer makes 'Escape Plan' feel like a prison sentence.

First clue something is (criminally) wrong -- the runtime. Why should a movie like this need a 2:30 trailer? What's so complicated? Isn't this a by-the-numbers action flick? Then, after a minute or so, it becomes clear. The plot is so contrived that explaining it, even briefly, is a twisted exercise. Following the explanation, point by convoluted point, is tiring. As such, this trailer leaves one exhausted.

However, I like that Stallone plays a guy who "escapes from prisons for a living." That's rich. That, I like. The rest, though, I couldn't take 90 minutes of.

My verdict? The 'Escape Plan' looks flawed.


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