Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trailer for 'Admission'

Not haha funny, but it 'soul' the word? Okay, sticking to brass tacks, it has a spine. It grabs you. I gets under your skin?

I don't know, but it's Tina Fey (and some guy -- Paul Rudd I think), that means you have to pay attention. And, I did. I paid attention. And, I can say this trailer isn't funny like you'd expect from a comedy but it's funny in that way you wish your day could be. Like when something embarrassing happens and it's just plain not comfortable and you wish you could stop time, tweak it, maybe give the dialogue a rewrite or something, and make it into 'humorous' instead of 'omg I want to get out of here'. It's funny like that. Hypothetically, that is.

There. I think that says it.

So. I watched, couldn't take my eyes off, never lost interest, never really thought it was '' funny but always liked what I was seeing, always thought it plays just so.

This could be good.


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