Saturday, November 03, 2012

Another Great Poster for Jessica Biel's 'The Tall Man'

This time it's a Spanish language poster and yet another excellent graphic for what is, by all accounts, at best a mediocre movie.

Have to say, this is one of the best, most psychologically creepy posters I've seen (for any movie of the genre). It emphasizes an eerie concept rather than holding promise of cheap scares and gore -- rare in horror movie posters.

I like how the bad guy is standing right in front of the police car, whose driver has apparently just rushed into a crime scene in such a hurry he/she didn't even close the door, yet the culprit has gone unnoticed. The water reflects his image clearly but the cops are clueless.

Does this mean the madman could be anybody? Your friend, neighbor, clerk who rings up your purchase, or does it mean the guy is a ghost and literally can't be seen? 'Either way', seems to be the point. 'Take your pick'.

Nicely done.


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