Thursday, November 08, 2012

'Hitchcock' Featurette/Tutorial

Clearly, this is intended to inform a prospective audience as to what 'Hitchcock' will be about. Never a good thing when your movie needs a tutorial. Worse, though, this primer comes off a bit cold, distant, inaccessible. There's little sizzle, wow factor.

It plays dry, certainly -- that's clear -- however, to me, it's almost brittle, and almost in an offhand way. It's not the kind of thing that comes from a given style of editing, either. Probably, this is how the whole movie will feel.

I'm not sensing a lot of energy from the marketing. Posters have been excellent but footage not so much. Opens limited 11/23 which, with Thanksgiving falling a couple days later, just doesn't feel right. Not the kind of movie people tend to see that particular weekend. But then, what's the solution? When do you open a movie like this? X-mas? Even worse -- people would be even less apt to see it then and the competition is wicked that time of year. Open early next year? Worse. Nobody sees stuff like this then.

So...we would appear to be stuck playing the cards we're dealt.


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