Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New App Streams Time/Warner Cable Content to Your Mac or PC

Content delivery continues its evolution to 'click and watch' anything, anywhere.

From Cnet:

The new app lets cable (and data) subscribers stream live TV to their Mac or Windows PC while in the home. 

The app's features include "Live TV" of a limited number of channels, a seven-day program guide, control of the set-top box (to watch on the TV screen) and the PC (to watch on the computer screen), DVR management, and a search function. 

Okay, you have to be in your home to view the content, but it's a step. Shouldn't be long before you can watch this stuff anywhere, especially with 4G going in most big cities. Couldn't be happier. It's about time.



Adam said...

I have to give credit to Time Warner for continuing to find new ways to offer their customers new and different ways to watch TV in their own home. Really don’t know how it can be called anywhere when you are still stuck within the confines of your home where you already have a TV. Come to think of it, I only know of one provider that offers live streaming of every channel out side the home. I have a Sling Adapter from my employer DISH, this allows me to stream to phones, tablets and computers anywhere I have cell or WIFI access. When other companies start to offer TV outside the home I will be a little more impressed.

sell my cell phone said...

That is a cool app, for an offer of unlimited channel!

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