Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Threat-Free Clip from 'John Carter'

In most of these clips/trailers John Carter is a superman. He kills giant monsters by bashing them with a boulder at the end of a giant chain, can escape anything by jumping (practically flying) hundreds of feet through the air, and takes on charging hordes armed with only a sword.

Who can care about the situations this guy gets into when he gets out of them so easily? This new clip has the same kind of action. Carter is shackled to a cave wall and, rather than face some horrible fate while we bite our nails and wonder what will happen next, he simply breaks free. He doesn't use tools or something he's able to reach nearby, he just grabs the shackle with his hand and wrenches it off -- in a matter of seconds, with little effort. 

What's the point? The guy is impervious, has few (if any) physical limitations, and doesn't have to deal with danger. Why should an audience feel a connection with a protagonist if he's that strong and is never threatened? There's nothing at stake. Dreary at best.


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