Monday, February 13, 2012

Dumbed-Down International Poster for 'Act of Valor'

I've gone on about how, usually, foreign posters for US movies are better than the domestic versions. This new UK poster for 'Act of Valour', however, just doesn't cut it. It's like Marketing  thinks the British don't know who/what Navy Seals are. Judging from this imagery you'd think they were comic book or video game characters that fight evil.

Cliché explosion, helicopter, and rising sun in the background -- this imagery sells the movie as a stock action flick with ludicrous action and disposable characters, perhaps from the 80s -- very much like a video game.

While the graphics sell by-the-numbers smash-em-up action, the tag: "This is no game" and the word 'real' (used four times) beat us over the head with the fact the movie takes a vérité approach. The only thing missing from "Featuring real-life Navy Seals" is an exclamation point and the declaration: "You must see this movie! The action is real (not like in a video game but with flashy explosions like the one in the poster) and spectacular!" All things considered, a clunky, obvious, and confused effort.

For once, the US version is more subdued, has a better layout, shows more thematic focus and, perhaps, is more respectful of the guys that actually carry out Seal missions.


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