Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Rebirth' -- Healing Post 9/11

Very nicely done. Directed by James Whitaker (producer Robin Hood, American Gangster, Flightplan, 8 Mile).

This from the documentary's website:

About the Film

Our feature length documentary, Rebirth, has been created by a team of seasoned, successful Hollywood filmmakers who have been working together since 9/11. Their vision is a compelling film experience and a unique historical record and resource: a living testament to honor 9/11, and its victims and heroes.

9 Lives Coping With 9/11

Project Rebirth film crews have chronicled the lives of nine people coping with 9/11. Our subjects have given 3-5 hour interviews on each anniversary of 9/11 through 2009 and have invited Rebirth's film crew to record relevant events in their lives.

Rebirth's film participants:

* A survivor from an impact floor of the South Tower
* A NYPD officer who oversaw recovery efforts at the Fresh Kills landfill
* A firefighter who survived the collapse of the Towers, but lost his best friend and 343 fellow firefighters
* A high school student who lost his mother
* A young woman who lost her fiancé
* A construction worker who lost his brother, assisted with recovery efforts, and works building the Freedom Tower today
* A Muslim American woman who became an advocate for religious tolerance following 9/11
* A volunteer in the recovery effort who later trained as a Red Cross volunteer and assisted Katrina survivors in Gulfport, Mississippi
* A man who lost his domestic partner of 14 years and moved to California


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