Tuesday, July 05, 2011

'The Iceman' Gets a Poster

I'm sorry, but could it get better than Michael Shannon, Benicio Del Toro, and James Franco in a movie about contract (and pretty much random just for the hell of it) killer Richard Kuklinski?

Here's a few bits from the NYT obit:

He often listed the many ways he killed: firearms, including a miniature derringer; ice picks; hand grenades; crossbows; chain saws; and a bomb attached to a remote-control toy car. His favorite weapon, he said, was cyanide solution administered with a nasal-spray bottle in the victim's face.
The authorities also impugned his claim of storing a corpse in the freezer of a Mister Softee truck for two years.
He killed neighborhood cats as a youth and said he committed his first murder at 14, after which, he said, he felt "empowered." He was an altar boy and dropped out of school in eighth grade.

Here's the Wikipedia page.

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