Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Colombiana' Mini Featurette

Usually actors point weapons high -- by the time the round gets where it's going it would be a few inches to twenty feet over the target's head depending on the range.

If Neil McCauley was shooting at you, you might could get away. Chris Shiherlis, though, if he's shooting you could tap dance your way outta there no problem.

Dude, you're killing pigeons on the wing three blocks away, not shooting cops hiding behind their cars. (No offense, Val. You replaced those empty clips like nobody's business).

In this featurette Zoe Saldana holds weapons pretty dang-ole level. Cataleya Restrepo is putting rounds right between the eyes. Given a choice, I'd rather have Jason Bourne shooting at me. You'd have a chance.


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