Wednesday, July 13, 2011

'50/50' Trailer was Great. Poster...not so Much

Okay, I'm being polite. This poster is horrible. This says 'you really don't want to see this movie, do you?' Sorry, but a guy shaving his head (while another guy watches) isn't what you'd call enticing. Anything would be better. A plain background with '50/50' and the stars names would put more butts in seats.

This movie has got enough working against it. Take the storyline: a guy finds out he's dying of cancer!!! Yes! Let's go see that! You know, the one with the guy shaving his head on the poster? That one.

When the writer/producer pitched that, how'd it go? What was that like?


EXEC: So, what's this pitch?

WRITER/PRODUCER: Okay. This guy finds out he's dying of cancer!

(Exec's eyes light up).

EXEC: Hmmmm. I liiiiike that. The 'dying of cancer' genre. We're due for one of those! Go on!

As if that cryptic title wasn't bad enough. '50/50'? Yes!!! Let's go see that. That's the movie about that guy that finds out he's dying of cancer. You know? The one with the poster with the guy shaving his head while another guy whose standing behind him watching is all like 'what the hell are you doing'? Yeah, that one. It's called '50/50'!!! We should see it!!!!!!!!!!!

(By the way -- could you come up with a worse tagline than: It takes a pair to beat the odds? I mean...what the hell).

Take a cue from Seth Rogen's 'dude, you're not really doing that' expression and change this poster.


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