Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still from 'Captain America'

The instant I looked at this still I thought of comic book style action/layout. Just doesn't have a typical movie setup. For a movie I think there would be more compression, with the car and actor more lined up, shot (more) from the front rather than side.

This has that frame-to-frame energy used when action is read left to right on a comic page. The gun points to previous frame (on the left) while the explosion leads to the next (on the right), which would give a comic book a good visual throughline.

Like this:

Everyone on the left faces right, leading to the next frame, with some of the drawing bleeding over the frame into the right side (like the explosion, some of which is not in frame). Everyone on the right faces left to avoid looking at the edge of the page and to connect with what preceded (as does Peggy Carter [Hayley Atwell]).

I'm a little out on a limb but I'm guessing the blocking in the still isn't accidental. Nice work by director Joe Johnston. Marvel would be proud.

Love this detail:

Exact framing -- edge of window in building parallel to left side. Perfect.

Wonder what the reference is in the license number, SS 879T. Bet it means something.

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