Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poster for 'The Silent House'

Looking forward to this mostly because it was shot on a Canon 5D II.

'La Casa Muda' was produced on a budget of $6000, something you can't do with any production value shooting film. For scenes like the ones below, if you're shooting film, you need to take measures to get the lighting right, using lots of expensive equipment (that take up lots of space and time to get right). With a digital camera you can shoot available light and not worry too much about tricky shadows, lengthy setups, or multiple takes.

Imagery is high quality, but need to see what it looks like in a theater, after conversion to film, or at home, on disc, on a larger screen, say 40-50 inches.

Digital video cams like the RED run $20-$50k and produce excellent results. Peter Jackson is using them for 'The Hobbit'. Other video cams from Sony or Canon (and others) run $2-$10k but these have much smaller sensors, which isn't good for image quality and can't always produce a 'filmic' look. The Canon 5D II sells for about $2500 +/- depending where you buy, and has a sensor (almost exactly) the same size as the RED that produces an extremely high quality file.

Shooting movies with a DSLR could open doors for filmmakers working on a smaller scale.

Supposedly, the movie was shot in one 78-minute take. I don't believe that, however, blood make-up in above still does look like it was applied pretty quick. That ain't exactly Hollywood production value. But, the energy is good and I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

'La Casa Muda' is currently being remade. 'Silent House' stars Elizabeth Olsen.

Notice the hair light (maybe the moon), fill lighting from behind the subject (perhaps moonlight reflected off clouds) that adds definition, a stronger light source in front of the subject (perhaps a second moon) that actually shouldn't be there at all, and the car's headlights have been replaced with color-correct bulbs that look white instead of yellow or green. All time consuming and costly. And...the still doesn't have the personality of the ones from 'La Casa Muda'. Remake will probably be another disposable B-horror, but I'd love to be wrong.

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