Tuesday, July 31, 2007


If you're cool you'll definitely check out the Superbad official website where you can get totally cool stuff like wallpapers, buddy icons, see clips, download stuff (some of it dirty). If you're cool click here or click the picture to get to Sony's site. If you're not cool just like sit there like a dork and don't do anything.

If on the other hand it's not a matter of being cool or not cool and you were one of the kids that were as dorky as these guys when you were in high school, and you want to heal all those emotional injuries you suffered every time you walked down the hall to your next class and everybody you passed ignored you in an obvious way, or you sat in the cafeteria alone because your one and only friend was home sick that day, or you looked at any and every random object in order to avoid eye contact when you passed a pretty girl in the hall. Then, (I empathize, and...) let the healing begin.

Alternately, if you were cool and popular in high school you can visit the site just because you're a fan of Seth Rogen, who was in 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' and 'Knocked Up' and is one of the writers of 'Superbad', along with Evan Goldberg, producer of 'Knocked Up', then that's okay too. (However, nobody believes you were cool in high school and you might as well admit you were a dork and stop living a lie, but that's a matter for another time).

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