Monday, July 09, 2007

Pasty Effects Have No Effect


So far the only title attributed to JJ Abrams' upcoming monster flick is '1-18-08'. If you've been dying to see the much hyped trailer it's available. This movie looks like it will go great with a giant popcorn and soda.

Picture is shaky hand-held video cam style which (I believe) is supposed to be shot by the characters as they deal with giganto monster attack. The money shot in the trailer is the head of the Statue of Liberty being catapulted quite some distance, bouncing off a building, and landing in a sea of sparks on the street right in front of a character who shoots the event with a camcorder -- yeilding the above bargain basement CGI still.

You have to hand it to Abrams. The conceit of having all the footage provided by consumer camcorders allows for some great savings on the CGI side. Miss Liberty's head looks pretty 2-D to me, is pasty and blocked up, lacks detail, and the lighting doesn't match the scene. But why should any of that matter? A consumer camcorder would render the scene just so (except the lighting would match). Nice. Abrams saves gobs on post production computor wizardry due to the 'you are there' digi-cam technique and the picture still looks great because everybody knows camcorder footage is not supposed to look like film.

Looks like a winner with a better-than-average profit margin built in. Hats off.

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