Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Now You See Me' Clip -- Too Busy, Ridiculous, No Fun

Everything I've seen from 'Now You See Me' so far has been cut like a gem but this scene is hard to watch, especially the ham-fisted direction of Mark Ruffalo, who usually brings such fresh rendition of character it can be the single best thing about a given movie. I realize this approach is needed for this type piece but it plays so forced. A little icky.

(That said though, it occurs to me that Ruffalo is still the best thing about this scene...)

Nonetheless, this is director Louis Leterrier's way, his method. His movies, especially the 'Transporter' series, are marked by an overly expressive, tad too articulate, more or less on-the-nose handling of character -- shiny to the point of making it hard to see anything else -- which, to be sure, may have been the correct and necessary way, but wasn't what I was looking forward to from 'Now You See Me'.

If the whole movie is like this it'll be a long sit. Still, hoping this works, hoping this scene (for whatever reason) is the exception. Then again, that's just my opinion. People may love this sparkle.


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