Friday, May 10, 2013

Must-See Trailer for 'The Wall' (Die Wand)

Yeah, within the first few seconds I was thinking 'The Dome: Lite' but this creeps up on you. A bit from Jonathan Romney's review:

  • You don’t see many films that so overtly address the Human Condition – with capital letters – as intense, contemplative Alpine drama The Wall (Die Wand), essentially a one-woman turn by German star Martina Gedeck. But, if you can buy the bizarre metaphorical premise that gets the film going, then Julian Roman Pölsler’s spectacularly-shot, highly intelligent adaptation of Marlen Haushofer’s early 1960s bestseller is riveting and emotionally involving from start to finish, though offering few conventional narrative pleasures. 

In general, that's the tone of most reviews.

If complex, subtle movies are your thing 'The Wall' would probably make for a rewarding evening.


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