Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Trailer for Machinima's 'Omega' -- aka -- The Next Cool Movie You'll Watch Online 12 Minutes At A Time For Free (While Generating Gobs Of Cash For Machinima)

YouTube (aka The New Cable TV) is home to Machinima which is becoming the next HBO. They have a great model: Put cool content up, with great production value, charge nothing for it, get tons of hits.

How do you make money? Simple. Play ads before (and during if possible) the movie/content.


Having just teamed with Ridley Scott for 12 short sci-fi flicks, Machinima is setting the pace for serialized internet movies. (And, if per-play ad revenue seems a tad lightweight [which I'm sure it ain't] wait till these become available, as a collection, on DVD/Blu-ray/rental/stream/subscription-based mobile viewing/regular TV/cable/etc).

Yeah. This is probably the new model. Somebody call Hollywood -- let em know.

Here's a trailer for their latest, 'Omega'.


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