Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Trailer for 'Elysium'

Might seem like a dumb thing to say but, yes, parts of this look very much like 'District 9'.  Neill Blomkamp's no-nonsense style -- with very natural and smooth VFX shot in broad daylight -- and the trashy slum setting give this a 'District 10' vibe.

Otherwise, there's a confidence -- both in the visuals and handling of actors -- that (for reasons hard to pin down in an objective way) is missing in other director's work but obvious, even in a short trailer, in Blomkamp's.

Matt Damon, as one could well expect, carries himself with ease but this, really, looks like Jodie Foster's movie. What presence she has.

This should have story. As for 'popcorn sizzle', maybe not so much. Should skew to older audiences very nicely. It may not top out at the box office but the Blu-ray should make a valuable addition to your collection.


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