Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's Changed Exactly? -- or -- Somebody Save Us!

Yeah, I know superheroes are all 'dark' now. You can't have a regular guy go out and save the world. He has to be messed up emotionally, borderline wacko, in need of therapy. And, so that's what they're selling for the new Superman. They even go so far as to dictate: "It's time for a change." Thing is, looking at the above shot, I have to wonder what about Henry Cavill looks different from previous iterations. He's as square-jawed, slick-haired, and all-American as ever. Is there something about Amy Adams' conservative skirt, shirt or vest that says 'edgy, dark'? She couldn't look more corporate and sterile.

So, what, exactly, has changed?


We can't get a feel for plot from the cover photo of Total Film so all we're left with is the look, and that's the same as it's always been. I can't help but wonder if there's a market for this anymore.

Even the studio knew they had to take a different tack -- the word 'Superman' doesn't appear in this title. Now, it's "Man of Steel" which, really, doesn't mean much and still feels dated. It's all 'Maaaan oooof Steeeeeel!

If this take doesn't fly Superman will be shelved. Not for a few years but until the demand for hokey comes back. When will that be? Well...not 'a few years'. We just don't live in a world that even vaguely resembles the 1930s 40s or 50s.

Right now, at this point in the campaign, 'Man of Steel' is looking like a mistake. Oh, my! Can anyone save us?!


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