Friday, March 01, 2013

Might Be Too Smart

Matthew Goode (at about 8:00) says 'Stoker' doesn't spoon-feed the audience. In fact, it makes the audience 'work quite hard' and leaves questions unanswered, with loose ends.

It's getting mixed reviews and I'm thinking this must be the reason (though I haven't seen the movie). Americans simply like their entertainment neat. Ambiguity or having plot points whose meaning is open to debate is not sought after in this country.

This being the case I'd expect 'Stoker' to do poorly at the box office though I hope it will find an audience as a rental or be a draw on cable, etc.

Personally, this is exactly the kind of flick, especially in this genre, that I enjoy. I wait, sometimes for years, for a movie like 'Stoker' to come along. Usually, I give up on Hollywood fare and end up going with something Euro.

Good interview. Worth a few minutes. (There are a couple minor spoilers). I like the poster in the mirror which is a motif from the movie.

I'm surprised (and a bit embarrassed) to find Goode so regular, so likeable. After seeing clips from 'Stoker' I had come to think of the guy (Goode, not the weird uncle) as a creep. I thought he was actually that way. Isn't that dumb. For someone who watches movies, analyzes them, to allow a character to get under their skin like that. I guess it's a nod to the writing, directing, and acting.

I'm looking forward to watching 'Stoker' again and again.


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