Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two More Non-American Tough Guys

I was just noticing the leads in the tough-guy mano-a-mano combat movie 'Warrior', which everyone loved but nobody saw, are not American. The main contenders are portrayed by an Aussie (Joel Edgerton, born in Blacktown, New South Wales) and a Brit (Tom Hardy, born in London, England).

So, yet again, despite action set in Pittsburgh, there were apparently no American actors around who were tough enough to make a mixed martial arts movie. The producers had to go all the way to New South Wales and London for believable brawn.

Is this a solid trend? Do all action movies feature a non-American in the too-tough-for-a-domestic-ruffian role? Well, no.

'Abduction'. Hard-core action, gritty stuff. Starring Taylor Lautner. Born Grand Rapids, MI. Doesn't get more American (or tough) than that. Yes?

Anyway. Just saying... Again.

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