Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Another Attempt at a Poster for 'Dream House'

This is a mash up of elements from previous posters a bad sign in itself. Poster works okay but reflects little confidence from Marketing. The faces of all three actors in the reflection are blocked-up -- no detail in the high values -- and tonal values are poor. Sickly green doesn't do anybody any favors. Saturation is bad (even after boosting, as below).

The little girls, very sad to say, are not centered -- they're way off to the right -- which centers them in relation to Daniel Craig's face but, well, his face is off to the right, so the entire poster is lop-sided and looks/feels bad on a subconscious level. It actually looks amateurish. Kind of a slap in the face considering the movie is a major production.

The poster creates exactly the feel you want to avoid. However, I like the tag: "The truth can't stay inside forever" -- thematic, and a nod to both the haunted house genre and plot twists.

In case you were out of the country a couple months back, 'Dream House' got off to a bad start (not counting production problems) with a debut trailer that not only gave away tons of plot elements, but tipped its hand in regard to (possible) subtle spoilers that, if they turn out to be true, wreck the movie for anyone that looks too close.

This picture isn't looking good for a release at the end of September. I expect we'll see more crippled promotional materials.


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