Thursday, September 25, 2008

Valkyrie Rollout

Photo: poster for Valkyrie

(Click poster for larger version)

I really don't get the poster. Wouldn't the tags "Many saw evil. They dared to stop it." be better as 'Many saw evil. A few dared to stop it'. I mean, as is, 'many' and 'they' refer to the same people. However, while many of Hitler's top officers (and the rest of the world) recognized he was a lunatic, only a very few dared to try to stop him. As such, while many saw, few dared -- the rest (of his officers) did nothing. 'Many' cannot equate to 'they'.

Also, the graphics don't quite do it. Cruise's character is in mid-stride, with a determined look. I don't really think that's very true to the attitude von Stauffenberg must have had in order to embark on an assassination attempt against Hitler. Certainly, it took commitment but Cruise's body language suggests an officer who is committed to rising in rank, not one who is setting out to kill the Fuhrer. Perhaps a more deliberate and introspective expression and different posture is called for.

The floor diagram of Hitler's secret headquarters doesn't really work either. Who is going to get that? How many people know the details of the assassination attempt? I think a different look for Cruise combined with simplifying the representation of the bombing attempt (like a briefcase [being placed under] a table) would improve the poster.

Also, red streak across the poster sort of looks like part of a swastika. That might not be a bad thing, but it really doesn't click either.

I do like this trailer, though. There's some nice looking footage.

And here are a couple production stills (click for larger images):

Photo: still from Valkyrie

Photo: still from Valkyrie

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