Sunday, September 14, 2008

Campaign Turning Point

I don't even own a TV. Well, I have one -- a little black and white deal -- but the power cord doesn't work so it gathers dust. But, as luck would have it I heard that Tina Fey would be on SNL doing a Palin skit and, as luck would have it, the bit was available online minutes after it played live so I was able to watch it. I knew within seconds this was one of those SNL moments people would talk about for years. It's up there with Dan Akroyd's Bass-O-Matic and John Belushi's Little Chocolate Donuts. It's also one of the few skits I've seen from the show in years and I feel lucky to have seen it almost live just after the rest of the country. It's almost as if I took part in the experience. I almost feel connected. This one is part of history, especially if you know who doesn't get elected.

(The video is a hot commodity at the moment. The servers only return requests for it once every several tries. YouTube is also having issues. You can either refresh this page [it might take 5-10 tries] or try the NBC page. If that doesn't work it's also on Hulu).

If none of the videos will play just ask someone at work Monday and they'll re-enact the skit for you.

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