Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crackle Rolls Out 'Coma'

From Crackle: Coma, Ep 1: The Blazer

So far,
Crackle is looking promising. Today Crackle rolled the debut of its bid in the webisode race with 'Coma'. The show has the same green-screen technique as 'Gemini Division' but the production value is higher. As for story -- too early to tell for sure. Like most webisodes, 'Coma' dishes out minimal plot per segment, but I already like it better than 'Gemini Division' or Stephen King's 'N is Here'. And...and...Crackle lets you embed content, and...and, it bills itself as 'Your online TV network'. Very smart. Here's the synopsis of episode 1:

Premiere episode! Crime syndicate captain Lennox (Michael Madsen) is part of a "hand-off" that should guarantee re-election for corrupt mayor (George Hamilton). Then Lennox is shot by a mysterious assailant. Was he set up?

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