Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's So Super About That?

Photo: Watchmen poster

/film has new 'Watchmen' posters. Apparently, this guy's superpower is being able to watch a bunch of TV shows at the same time. So, exactly how does this foil the latest nefarious super-villain plan? Seems like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel for superheroes these days. Okay, whatever, I'm fine with it.

You know, I understand every single Far Side cartoon. Can I be a superhero? Think of the good I could do. Let's say there's this crazy cartoonist, we'll call him Obtuse Illustrator, who wants to confuse everyone with bewildering cartoons that have undecipherable captions so that he can take over the world -- I could totally stop that guy. Totally. I know, I could be called The Decoder, or something. Just an idea. Think about it.

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