Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pong: The Movie


I was as surprised as anyone when I heard that a movie version of the video game Joust is being planned. Just how will anyone conjure up a plot for this? Who knows.

Pong video game

I was really amazed, though, when I heard that a movie version of the original video game, Pong, is in the works. I loved this game and was pretty good at it. The game seemed wonderous to us back then and made us giddy to be on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Every kid wanted to be among the first to own this game, and those families that did not have it were shunned. If the movie recaptures the childhood thrill of playing this game I'm sure it will be a hit. There's certainly a built-in audience for 'Pong: The Movie'. The plot, it seems, revolves around a secret Pong tournament for the world's best video gamers in which the losers die. That's going to be good.

In the upcoming sci-fi thriller 'Asteroids' the crew of the spaceship 'Triangle' must shoot at giant asteroids. When one is hit it breaks up into smaller asteroids (which are much harder to hit), thus putting the crew at greater risk. I've read an early draft of the script and I can tell you this picture will have you on the edge of your seat. Stay tuned.

In a quest for the Oscar, a small artfilm prodco has a neo-noir thriller in the works called 'Kitchen Sink'. As you can see from the above still, movie will be in black and white. That's quite risky if you ask me -- people are so skittish about seeing black and white movies. Plot details are sketchy, but it seems this will be a murder mystery that takes place in one location, the kitchen, and (rumor has it) is to be shot in one take.

Holding my breath...

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